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 Ogichi nograd

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PostSubject: Ogichi nograd   Tue Jul 27, 2010 4:31 pm

Name: ogichi nograd
Element: Fire
Apperance: Normal zanpaktou style.
Shikai phrase: Breath fire like a dragon,OGICHI NOGRAD
Bankai Phrase: (Points sword to the gods) BAANNNNKAI
Bankai apperance:Same as shikai apperance and Character grows fire wings and fire claws.Sword Has enchanted carvings carved into the base.Able to extend.Sword grows flame around the blade.

Enhanced speed and strength

Epic enhanced speed and stength
Dragons breath enhanced
Dragons claw
Fire wing cut
Fire sword shot
Sword throw
Fire ring
Fire wave
Rain of fire
Fire slash
Blue fire slash
Fire ellusion
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Ogichi nograd
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