The Espada are at it again. Will you join the forces of good or evil, Arrancar or Shinigami?
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 Kaneda Isamu Susumu

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One More Desu

One More Desu

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PostSubject: Kaneda Isamu Susumu   Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:43 pm

Name: Kaneda Isamu Susumu (Eboshi-na)
Race: Shinigami Spirit
Visual Age: 37
Actual Age: 178


Convinced by a Shinigami that he would find his father after his death, he was brought to Soul Society.

Already having honed his swordsmanship in life, it wasn't long before residents convinced him to attend the Shinigami academy. Although he was skilled, the vast amounts of different factors involving combat as a spirit balanced his skill. He is honored to serve the Seretei, as they, to him, we're so similar to the Shogunate, even more so after the demise of Central 46.

Due to his opinions and values he held from his previous life, he believes "magic" (Kiduo) to be cheap, and dishonorable to use in combat.

He still sometimes finds it hard to believe that his is in a world of ghost and evil spirits, now being one that guides lost souls.

Background History:

Kaneda was born during the years of unrest of the early Meji Era. His father was loyal to the Shogunate, which lead him to a life of honor, and military solitude. His mother and father were brought together from an arranged marriage in hopes of bringing more wealth and prosperity of both families, which had been at odd ends when the Shogunate decided to oppose the change of government. He was an only son to his father, whom died alongside him.

Though there had been no major battles since the battle of Osaka, those that we're loyal to Bushido brought their children up similar. Kaneda's father was adamant in his teachings, believing that a blade that saves lives by existing to take them, and was very fond of Nobunaga's legacy of unity.

After he was given his own naming rights when he was 14, he chose the name Susumu, hoping to bring his family honor by following Oda Nobunaga's teachings that his family was so fond of; progress. Shortly after, his marriage to a daughter of his mothers clan was arranged for his 18th year, again, to strengthen the two families.

Although, this marriage fell into despair due to Kaneda's infertility. His wife commit an honored suicide. But, despite his mourning, did not set him back. He honed his skills with the blade for years until he walked onto the field of battle, beside his father.

Both were in the thousand men that met their demise before the battles end.

Other (optional):

More to come
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Alyria Royce

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PostSubject: Re: Kaneda Isamu Susumu   Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:30 pm

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Kaneda Isamu Susumu
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