The Espada are at it again. Will you join the forces of good or evil, Arrancar or Shinigami?
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 Kanna Sanada

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Kanna Sanada

Kanna Sanada

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PostSubject: Kanna Sanada   Fri Dec 24, 2010 6:31 am

Name: Kanna Sanada

Race: Shinigami

Visual Age: 20

Actual Age:510

Bio:She's usually timid when talking, yet sometimes pauses between words. She is also kind, loyal, moterly, and caring.

Background: Kanna was abused by her mom every day ever since she was 5. She takes comfort in seeing and talking to spirits. She was free from her mom's clutches when was 18. When war broke out, she helped some children. She saw one child was going somewhere else, so she followed. She turned a corner, and the child getting eaten by a hollow. She pick up a sword and charged at the hollow. She ended up getting killed. She thought that all hope is lost until a shinigami came and defeated it. The shinigami then prformed konso on Kanna to send her to the Soul Society.
She went to the Soul Academy, but how is unknown. she graduate in 5 years, and was in Squad 5. She was third seat. She heard about the captain betraying the Soul Society with two others (guess who). She helped the others in her sqaud back up on their feet. everyone was impressed that they waned her to be captain. she acceptd the offer.


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Kanna Sanada
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