The Espada are at it again. Will you join the forces of good or evil, Arrancar or Shinigami?
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 Kagirinai in Soul Society

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Makai Kasai


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PostSubject: Kagirinai in Soul Society   Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:49 pm

The Yellow Dragon Ranpu Kagirinai appeared on the outskirts of Rukongai. To his surprise he found an army of hollows from Gillians to Arrancars. He folded his hands closing his eyes, "Leave now back to Hueco Mundo!" The hollows chose to ignore him. They charged the aged hollow without a thought. Kagirinai appeared behind the army. The entire army of hollows ranging in the hundreds of thousnds were torn to pieces in a blink of an eye.
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Kagirinai in Soul Society
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