The Espada are at it again. Will you join the forces of good or evil, Arrancar or Shinigami?
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 Diecisiete Lobos (17 wolves)

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Nala Tayuun

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PostSubject: Diecisiete Lobos (17 wolves)   Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:20 am

Name: Diecisiete Lobos (17 wolves)

Element: Fire


1rst Release: Typically turns Rose into giant wolf with great wings.
Command: "Fall to Pieces: Diecisiete Lobos"

2nd Release: Rose is more human-like, she has the wings and can stand on two feet. Feet are paws, and hands have claws.
Command: "Break apart and Collapse: Diecisiete Lobos"

Final Release (because of Espada status): Totally human now, still has wings and the claws, but gains several new techniques.
Command: "Reap the Sky: Diecisiete Lobos"

Ookami (wolf) Cero - this is a Grand Ray Cero taking the form of a wolf, except its stronger.
Kurai no Ame (dark rain) - black blades fall from the sky like rain.
Zetsumei (death) - a foul black and red reiatsu enveloped Rose, making her invincible for a short period of time, also making anyone who makes contact with her near death (like sucking the life force out of them).

First Release image:
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Diecisiete Lobos (17 wolves)
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