The Espada are at it again. Will you join the forces of good or evil, Arrancar or Shinigami?
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 Makai Kasai

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Makai Kasai


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PostSubject: Makai Kasai   Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:55 pm

Name: Makai Kasai

Visual Age: Mid thirties

Actual Age: 12715 years

Race: Arrancar/Espada

Rank: 2nd Espada

Fraccion: none

Gender: Male


Appearance: He appears to be in his mid thirties at a hieght of 6'4 with long spiked black hair that reaches mid bakc with red streaks through it. His eyes are blood red. he wears black silk dragon pants and a long white long sleeved coat with black boots.

His Espada tattoo is on the back of his right hand.

Bio: Makai is a generally lazy yet serious Arrancar. When the time comes he will take charge and eliminate all threats to him, his fraccion, friends or leader.

Background History: Makai is one of the oldest hollows in existance he is known as Seiryuu the Azure Dragon of the East. Along side four other older hollows Byakko (White Tiger of the west), Genbu (Black Torstoise of the North), Suzuku (Vermillion Bird of the South), Huang Long (yellow Dragon of the Centre). These five hollows keep the balance within Hueco Mundo.

The Eldest of the five is Genbu followed by Makai, Huang Long, Suzuka and Byakko. Out of all five Makai is the second strongest of all five the first being Huang Long.

Makai later became the Segunda espada after the deaths of the previous Espada.

Background history 2: Before the time of Aizen Makai took in many young hollows training them in his ways. A few being Tia Harribal, Nel and Ulquiorra Cifer.

1) Hell Fire Dragon
2) Heaven Fire Dragon
3) Twin combination: Ultimate Fire Dragon
4) Sword of the Striking Dragon: One Sword: Dragon Wave
5) Sword of the Striking Dragon: One Sword Dragon Arc
6)Sword of the Striking Dragon: Two Swords: Twin Dragon Wave
7) Black Dragon flames
Cool Sword of the Divine Dragon: Two Swords: Dragon of the Gods
9) Twin Sword Style: Dragon Hurricane
10) Twin Sword Style: Dark Lightning
11) World of Shadows
12) Forest of Darkness
13) Realm of Darkness
14) Heavens Flame Wall
15) Hells Fire Roar
16) Sphere of Black flames
17) Demon of the Hells Flame
18) King of the Heaven's Flame

Makai's Cero range:

1) Cero Clone
2) Rey Endriago Cero (King Dragon Cero)
3) Celeste Cero (Celestial Cero)
4) Endriago Dios Cero (Dragon God Cero)
5) Tiron (Jolt)
6) Red Phoenix Cero
7) Blue Phoenix Cero
Cool Black Tortose Cero
9) White Tiger Cero
10) Yellow Dragon Cero
11) Azure Dragon Cero
12) Muelle (Spring)
13) Muelle Tiro (Spring Shot)
14) Cero Lanza (Cero Lance)
15) Cerp Arpon (Cero Harpoon)
16) Aprisa Tiro (Rapid Shot)
17) Viento Venseval (Wind Gale)

Vacou Arte (Hollow Arts) recreating of Shinigami Kidou

Vacuo Caminoante destruccion (Hollow Way of Destruction)

4) numero Cuatro: Descolorido Centella ( Number 4: Pale Lightning)!"
31) numero Treinta y uno: Tiroante Rojo disparar (Number 31: Shot of Red Fire)"
33) Numero Treinta y tres: Azul Disparar caida (Number 33: Blue Fire Crash down)
54) numero cincuenta y cuatro: abolir lumbra (number 54: Abolishing Flames)!
58) Numero cincuenta y ocho: Espira Viento (Number 58: Spiralling Wind)
63) numero Sesenta y tres: Trueno Rugidoas (Number 63: Thunder Roar Cannon)
73) Numero Setenta y Tres: Gemelo Azul Disparar caida (Number 73: Twin Blue fire Crash Down)
90) Numero Noventan y uno: Oscuro ataud (Number 90: Black Coffin)!"

Vacou Caminoante vinculante (Hollow Way of Binding)

Cool Numero Ochi: Repulsion (number 8: Repulse)
9) Numero Nueve: disipar soga (number 9: Disintegrating Rope)
30) Numero Treinta: Pico Penetrante tresviga (Number 30: Beak-piercing Triple beam)
61) numero sesenta y uno : Seis vara encierroante claro (Number 61: Six rods Prison of Light)!'
62) Numero Sesenta y Dos: Cien escalon reja (Number 62: Hundred Steps Fence)
63) numero Sesenta y tres: Trancar esclavitud raya (Number 63: Locking Bondage Stripes)
75) numero Sesenta y Cinco: quintetoante uno hierro columna (Number 75: Quinta 1 kan Iron Pillars)
85) Numero Ochenta y Cinco: romper (Number 85: Break)
90) Numero Noventa: penetrante cautivar (Number 90: Piercing Chains)
91) Numero Noventa y Uno: divino soga (Number 91: Divine Rope)
92) Numero Noventa y Dos: alma liar (Number 92: Soul Bind)
98) Numero Noventa y Ochi: Liar hierro Lanza (Number 98: Binding Iron Spears)
99) Numero Noventa y Nueve: Parte Uno: sellar (Number 99: part 1: Seal)
99) Numero Noventa y Nueve: Parte Dos: Gransellar: Uno aria: pare tejido (Number 99: part 2: Great Seal: First Song: Halting Fabric)
99) Numero Noventa y Nueve: Parte Dos: Gransellar: Dos Aria: Cien aherir saeta (Nummber 99: Part 2: Great Seal: 2nd Song: Hundred Linked Bolts)
99) Numero Noventa y Nueve: Parte Dos: Gransellar: ultimo aria: Gransellarante Diez Mill prohibitivo ((Nummber 99: Part 2: Great Seal: Final Song: Great Seal of 10,000 Forbiddings)
- Vacou Caminoante vinculante: granreja (Hollow Way of Binding: Great Barrier)
- Vacou Caminoante vinculante: Genio Reja (Hollow way of Binding: Spirit Barrier)
- Vacou Caminoante vinculante: Rey Sellar (Hollow way of Binding: Kings Seal)!"
- Vacou Caminoante vinculante: Perenne Reja (Hollow way of Binding: Eternal Barrier)
-Vacou Caminoante vinculante: irrompible vacío (Hollow way of Binding: Unbreakable Void)
- Vacou Caminoante vinculante: inadmisible Vacio(Hollow way of Binding: Forbidden Void)

Controlled Elements: Fire, Lightning, Darkness (MAIN THREE), WInd, Earth, Water, Poison, Sand, Glass, Lava, Metal, Ice, Steam.

Gran Cascade (Grand Waterfall)
Agua Endriago (Water Dragon)
Agua Tiro (Water Shot)

Gran Disparar Pelota (Grand Fire Ball)

Viento Torrente (Wind Torrent)

Centella Cadena (Lightning Chain)

-saltar (Jump)

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Nala Tayuun


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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:04 pm

Approved ^.^

Welcome Segundo Espada.

aka Rose
the admin
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Makai Kasai


Posts : 1697
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Age : 25
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PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:06 pm

Celestial Hollows

Name: Roshi

Title: Genbu (The Black Tortiose of the North)

Visual Age: Is able to change his visual age to anything mid twenties to teens to mid eighties if wishes.

Actual Age: Over 18000 years

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male

image: Younger Days -

Appearance: Takes the appearance of a man in his mid fifties. He stands at a hieght of 5'8 with short white hair. His eyes are green with blue iris. He wears a light green slik long sleeved shirt Top and blue silk pants. he walks with a cane that is infact his Zanpukto (This Kisuke's Sword).

Bio: Roshi is relaxed yet serious at the same time. He prefers to settle problems without violence. But if needed he will strike his opponents down without a second thought

History: Roshi is the oldest Hollow in existane followed by Makai Kasai. Unlike his companion he is not an Espada. He is a hollow who guards one of the five gates of Hueco Mundo that keep the balance. He guards the North gate, Makai guards the East. These gates are directly connected to Soul Society, the Human world and the Kings Realm. If anyone of these gates are destroy the balance will shift bringing Chaos.

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Makai Kasai


Posts : 1697
Join date : 2009-12-02
Age : 25
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:15 pm

Name: Shira

Title: Byakko the White Tiger Of the West

Visual Age: 17

Actual Age: 960

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Female


Apprarance: Shira takes the form of a young girl around 17 standing at 5'10. She has long white hair with light blue streaks that reaches her knees. She wears a short sleeved white t-shirt and light blue jeans that hug her body showing off her hour glass figure, large assets and features. Her eyes are a radiant light blue. Her nails are slightly longer resembling claws. A small pair of white tiger ears stick out of her hair at the tip of her head. Her Zanpukto takes the form of a Wakizashi and is strapped horizontally on her lower back.

Bio: Shira is a bubbly and cheery person that is quite childish. She loves cute things and loves to play with her opponents. She is rarely angry but when she is well its not a very pretty sight.

History: Shira is the youngest and weakest of the five celestial hollows. But she is easily on par with Yamamoto in his Shikai or 25% Bankai. She died at the age of 17 and became a Hollow. Not long after she met Roshi who took her in and trained her till she became an Arrancar.

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Makai Kasai


Posts : 1697
Join date : 2009-12-02
Age : 25
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:22 pm

Name: Rei

Title: Suzuku (Vermillion Bird of the South

Visual Age: mid 20's

Actual Age: 5790

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rei takes the appearance of a woman in her mid twenties. her hieght is around 6'1. She has long crimson red hair that flows to her behind. She dresses in a long crimson red battle Kimono. Her Zanpukto takes the shape of a scimitar strapped to her back. She has a body on par with nel the ex number 3 espada. Her eyes are a light purple.

(Just picture her with a crimson red Kimono one)
(picture with Red hair)

Bio: She is a serious woman who hates to waste time and muck around. She prefers to get the joob done quickly and effiecently. Sadly she can't hold her licker.
She also hates to be called an old lady

History: Rei is one of the celestial hollows she is Suzuka the Vermillion bird of the South. She is the second Youngest. As a human she was married to a man who raped and killed her with his friends. This turned her into a hollow and she slaughtered them. She later arrived in Hueco Mundo and was taken under the wing of Makai. Makai taught her everything and helped her to become an Arrancar.

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Makai Kasai


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Age : 25
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:30 pm

Name: Ranpu Kagirinai (Eternal Light. Japanese way first name last and last name first)

Title: Huang Long the Yellow Dragon of the Center

Visual Age: Mid Twenties

Actual age: 11749

Race: Arrancar

Gender: Male


Appearance; Kagirinai takes the appearance of a man in his mid twenties. He has a hieght of 6'2 with spiked blonde hair that defies gravity. His eyes are a golden colour with a blue iris. He wears yellow silk dragon pants and a silver cloak with a light blue t-shirt underneath. His Zanpukto takes the form of a giant Zanbatou that is strapped to his back.

Bio: Kagirinai is a calm and collect person who never lets his emotions get the better of him. He is strong willed and will protect those he cares for.

History: He is the leader of the celestial hollows and guards the fifth gate the center gate. In his sealed state he is easily as powerful as the other four celestial hollows in their fourth Releases. His power easily dwarfs any of them. He is easily more powerful than Yamamoto Gennryuusai in his Bankai state.

Other than that not much is known about Kagirinai. THe only ones to have seen his third release are Makai and Roshi.
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Makai Kasai


Posts : 1697
Join date : 2009-12-02
Age : 25
Location : Australia

PostSubject: Re: Makai Kasai   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:03 am

Name: Hayato
Race: Arrancar
Visual Age: 19
Actual Age: 100000
Bio: Cold, distant, cruel
Background History: hayato is the true very first hollow. The celestial believe themselves to be the first but in fact they are not Hayato is the creator of all hollows. Rei has the status as Suzuka by Hayato is the true Suzuka the true Vermillion bird holding untold power.
Other (optional):


Appearance; Stands at 6'5 foot with a calm demanour. he has middle back length silver spiked hair and blood red eyes. he wears a long sleeved high collared buttoned up red shirt and a high collared black cloak. he wears black trousers. On his back a long black katana his Zanpukto.
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Makai Kasai
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