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 Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God)

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Makai Kasai

Makai Kasai

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Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God) Empty
PostSubject: Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God)   Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 2:07 pm

Name: Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God)

This Zanpukto has up to seven forms each with a different name Its final release reveals its true name Perenne Endriago Dios. Showing Makai Kasai's true power as one of the two dragon gods the second being Huang Long the yellow dragon.

Element: Hell Fire, Heaven Fire, Darkness

Description: Sealed state takes the form of a pure black Muramasa

1st Release: Crush Perenne Tinieblas (Eternal Darknes) Makai gains a pair of clawd gauntlets with three long katan blades producing from between the knuckles and large armoured boots.

2nd Release (Ressurection): Obliterate Perenne Tinieblas (Eternal Darkness)':

3rd Release: Conquear Endriago Reyante Perenne Tinieblas (Dragon King of Eternal Darkness)

4th Release: Awaken Perenne Endriago Reyante Tinieblas (Eternal Dragon King of Darkness): turns into a giant twelve headed twelve tailed black dragon.

5th Release: Shine Celeste Endriago Rey (Celestrial Dragon King): Gains twelve white dragon tails, two white dragon wings, a white battle robe, his hair turns white and gains two white Muramasa blades.

6th Release: Consume Endriago Rey (Dragon King): Makai grows to 6'6 and grows six black dragon tails and six white ones. He will grow two wings one white the other black. A black and white battle robe will appear on his body. His hair will turn white and black .A black katana will appear on his left side and a white on his right.

7th and Final Release: Unleash your True Power Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God): Makai's Reiatsu turns silver. His hair lengths and turns silver. He grows to a hieght of 6'5. His eyes turn a deep golden colour. A single silver dragon tail grows from his tailbone as a pair of silver dragon wings grow from his back. He wears a silver battle kimino with a golden obi sash and wields a pair of golden scimitars.

weakness: Any form of Water. 4th release and above drains a large amount of Reiatsu. 5th release can only be held for 2 hours, 6th release 1 hour and 7 th release 30 minutes.

To achieve each form the user must go through each transformation 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. The only forms that can be skipped are 1st and 2nd release.

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Nala Tayuun

Nala Tayuun

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Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God)   Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 02, 2009 2:11 pm

Oh jeez. Can ya cut down on the amount of releases? Otherwise, approved as well.

aka Rose
the admin
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Perenne Endriago Dios (Eternal Dragon God)
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